Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Testimonies-Treating head injuries

SusieQ - My husband is epileptic and had a major seizure five years ago and wasn't expected to live.  He has some dementia and other problems as the result.  I rub Frankincense on his big toe and put a drop on his brain stem on the back of his neck. Plus definitely put the person on the LLV.  I have seen such a difference in my husband.

Emily - I have had several concussions.  I use the LLV.  When initially treating, they may want additional B12.  It helped bring back my short-term memory.  Frankincense is a great idea.

Valerie - Emily so glad to hear you say the Frankincense.  My 18 yr old daughter has recently had her 2nd concussion in 8 months from soccer. I immediately had her start Frankincense several times/day.  How do you use it?  I've had her put it on her on forehead, temples, and base of the neck plus a drop under her tongue.  Also, I've had her be more religious about her LLV.

Rachel - Aroma Touch Technique and any oils that reduce inflammation like Deep Blue, Frankincense, Peppermint.  I would also think about oils that help fluid to flow, like Citrus Bliss, Grapefruit, Cypress

EFL - Vetiver... Has been studied a lot for concussion recovery.

Father -  I  was in a bad car accident 3 weeks ago and suffered a moderate head injury/concussion. DoTERRA oils helped me tremendously as well as immediate cranial sacral therapy. Helichrysum worked well for me and is good for  healing bruised tissues, shock, and lymph drainage/circulation. I could feel the swelling going down immediately after I placed a small amount on the base of my skull which I only did 1x day. I later placed some on my feet especially working into the big toe. A small amount on the vertebrae, sacrum and heart are helpful. Spasms are an issue with brain injury and Roman Chamomile helps relax the body as well as repair tissue. Relieving shock to the body is a priority and these oils do assist with that.
 I would be careful of any oils that are anticoagulants from what I have researched with the TBI association. I believe this would include Birch and Wintergreen.
I would highly recommend cranial sacral therapy ASAP and daily to relieve the intra-cranial pressure. Sacral releases are necessary to decrease the strain pattern on the brain. A cardiovascular pull is also present and affects the brain swelling and strain on intra-cranial tissues. I have found that integrated manual therapy incorporating cranial sacral therapy has been ideal for me. There is an IMT website for a practitioner in your area.
My main treatments have been the oils, increased use of supplements including  LLV 3 x day,  and  integrated manual therapy/cranial sacral.
I would not be on this website right now if it were not for this protocol. My physical therapists tell me it would have taken me a year to heal. We are expecting most of my healing in the next 2 months. I still have problems with cognitive issues, minimal swelling, head aches and fatigue but I have now gotten over a  huge mountain with a few more hills to go. Please do not hesitate to share or ask any questions that you may have since I am also on this healing journey . I thank God again for DoTERRA oils.

Rob - I am sure you have been told that overcoming brain trauma can take time.  I had a hemorrhagic stroke a couple years back, and I know healing takes time and patience.
The first thing I would say is to be persistent and be patient.  There are oils that are high in sesquiterpenes, which are documented to cross the brain blood barrier.  Good news for you and I.  These oils include Frankincense, Myrrh, Cypress and Sandalwood.  These oils along with Helichrysum and Peppermint will increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Helichrysum will also relay, amplify, and modulate chemical signals between neurons and other cells.  (neurotransmitter)
I would consider daily topical application to nerve centers, charkra points or brain reflex points such as crown of the head, temples, forehead, mastoids and brain stem - all with light massage rotating between the oils mentioned.  Also have someone perform an ATT at least twice weekly rotating between the oils I mentioned above and the standard oils mentioned with the ATT.
I would also be sure to be consistent with the LLV supplements. BTW, just because you cannot smell yet, do not discount the effect that inhaling oils can have through your olfactory system.

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Each essential oil depending on what you are using it for, has a specific use and application.  Let me help you with the correct application!

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